About Best Air BD – Online and me: Craig T. the Drone Lover

opera_2016-11-15_17-03-51I am an industry analyst, internet blogger and writer.  The effects of emerging technologies and its effects on the society and the business world are my areas of interest and passion.

It is not always easy for the common man to understand the bitter sweet intertwined relation that today’s technology has on their day to day life.

In my website, I have attempted to address this very situation where I can explain the features, positives and negatives of each product and how it will be useful to the reader in his life.

I have often found that technical jargon can be the biggest hurdle to understanding any technological innovation. Hence I have attempted to write in a language that is understood by one and all while not failing to convey the importance and significance of the technical tools and trends.

I take my writing seriously and do not compromise on the content I offer my readers. I research each and every aspect of technology and how it impacts our daily life. I am passionate about my work and focus on making technology related information more accessible and friendly to one and all.

The immense potential of drones was made evident to the entire world when the US military used them in a mainstream attack in 2002. It was also the time that I got deeply influenced by drones and their sheer potential to change the way our world functions.

In my website I share insights gained from endless hours of research on how drones are manufactured and what are the various fields they can be used besides military and law enforcement agencies. I have also provided in-depth knowledge on the use of drones and their impact on daily life since they have now become a part of our daily lives.


My obsession with drones, and how their ability to shape and transform our society, media, and governments, both for good and bad, is evident in my several publications and blogs online.

I see immense potential for drones to be an agent of change and usher in greater development and provide hitherto unavailable knowledge when used in areas of nature conservation, wildlife management, and agricultural forecasts. The use of drones in photography provides potential for misuse but the positives too do not escape me or any technical guy for that matter.

I believe it is always the most vulnerable members of the society who need to be educated about the perils of the modern world and especially drones now that they are commercially available. In my attempt to provide nothing but relevant information to my reader I have tried and tested several drones. You can find all the necessary information on the best drones in the market from my website.

The viewpoints in the site are entirely my own and do not repeat or reverberate what others are saying. My mission in life is to learn and share my knowledge with my readers. I have a very friendly and open relation with my readers and subscribers. There are several industry leaders too who seek my advice on expert matters.

For all matters regarding drones and other technical developments and trends in the market do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] I believe knowledge is power and have and will always attempt to provide information on technical matters to the best of my ability.

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