Akaso X5C Your Mother can fly this! Best Drones for Beginners – 2020

If someone is looking for drones for beginners, the Akaso X5C Quadcopter is the best option.

  • It is not only a good starter but is also affordable. It has a good flight time and in terms of assembly, it is simple for even the beginners.
  • This gadget is durable and at the same time, it is flexible and easy to control.
  • Though it is a lightweight product, it has been designed to provide certain amount of strong wind resistance.

The package contains several Akaso X5C partslike screws, a small screw driver to fasten the screws, and some backup propeller blades for configuring and running the Quadcopter.

The other contents of the kit are:

  • 1 RC Quadcopter with HD camera
  • 1 Micro SD Card
  • 1 2.4G Remote Controller
  • 1 USB Connection Cable
  • 1 Card Reader
  • 1 LiPO 3.7V 500mAh Battery

The package also contains Akaso X5C manual to provide instructions on setting up the Quadcopter.

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It is fun to have this drone and learning the controls of this gadget is quite enjoyable. It also comes with protectors that help in protecting the propellers when it bangs into something while flying.

This Akaso X5C review is going to analyse the features of the drone, the positive and the negative side of the drone and recommend it based on its advantages. 

Best Features of Akaso X5C Quadcopter:

The Drone has four motors (brushless) with a low threshold sound intensity. The maximum speed of the drone is 20 metres per second and is powered by a Lithium polymer battery that keeps the device running for a continuous 7 minutes. Let us see some of its best features in detail.

  1. Design: The Akaso X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro is white in colour with wings in white and red colour. The battery compartment is designed to be at the rear side and the camera is designed to be mounted on the battery door.The propeller blades have frames that are made of tough quality plastic. The blade guards are removable and hence, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying. There are also LED lights for ease of use at nights. A landing gear to protect the camera during landing is also provided.A simple assembly is all that is needed to start using this drone. The kit comes with all the essential items required for the working of the copter.
  2. Built-in 6-axis gyro quad-rotor: This feature provides strong stability and steadiness during flight. Various flight movements can be implemented through this feature and it is also easier to control the copter. The stability is maintained even in rough conditions and has greater wind flow resistance.
  3. 360-degree Flip: There is a button in the copter to control the 360-degree flip. With this feature, one can see the copter flip smoothly in the air in a rolling motion which is a beauty to watch.
  4. Solider Protection:Protection to the propeller blades is built using high quality plastic blade frames thereby protecting it from collision. This feature makes it the best drone for kids!
  5. Built-in HD Camera:Akaso X5C Camera is a built-in HD Camera which is mounted on the top of the battery door. This camera has the ability for taking pictures as well as videos. The Akaso X5C is controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter and will not be interfered by other copters.
  6. Battery:Akaso X5C Battery is a 3.7V 500mAh LiPO battery. The battery life is around 7-10 minutes and should be charged for around 1 hour before using it every time.
  7. Remote Control: The remote control is battery operated. Once the batteries are inserted into both the copter and the remote control, they are paired together. There are many controls in the remote for controlling the flight of the copter.The remote control works efficiently on the copter from a distance 50 – 100m. Pushing the speed control button enables the high-performance mode and allows the copter to move upward/downward, left/right, 360 degree rotate, etc.
  8. Manual: The kit comes with an Akaso X5C manual. The Akaso X5C instructions in the manual is useful for setting up the Drone and helps in understanding the functionality of the drone. Get the users manual at this link: X5C User manual | Quadcopter Flyers

Negative Points

The overall performance of the Akaso X5C is very good. It has an excellent manoeuvrability, the price of the drone is wallet-friendly, the design is sleek and it is also easy to set up. But there are few points where the Quadcopter fails to satisfy the user. Here are some disadvantages observed.

  • The battery life is 10 minutes. Though it is decent enough, it is not as good as compared to the other drones
  • The camera takes images that are not of much high quality. Hence, if one expects high-quality images as an outcome from this drone, then this drone is not a right choice.
  • The remote control is a bit bulky in its look.
  • Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to calibrate it and there is a chance of losing control.

But for a drone at this price point, the drone is neat and impressive. 

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Advantages Over Competition

The general feeling of the users of this Akaso X5C is quite favourable. Though there might be criticism on the aspects of quality and performance, for the price range, it is quite impressive.

The Akaso X5C is in the top 3 list of best sellers in Amazon and is a favourite among many drone buyers. The reasons for preferring this drone over others of the same category are as follows:

  • When tested for usability, the quality of the product and the flying experience was above all the other drones of the same price range.
  • The rotor Protector that helps in preventing damage is an important feature that is not present in most of the other drones.
  • Another positive aspect is the LED lighting that is more suitable for night use. While it would be frustrating to lose sight of drones at night, the LED lighting is a boon.
  • The setup is very simple and straight forward than other drones.
  • Above all, the price is very reasonable. It is a great Quadcopter for this price and there is no compromise in the fun while using it. 


An extensive research needs to be done on the Quadcopters before purchasing one. Only if the product is understood and if it coincides with the needs of the users, it helps in meeting the needs.

  • For starters, the best choice would be to buy a drone that is inexpensive but also has stability, durability and blade guards to protect the drone and others. The Akaso X5C Quadcopter is a light weight drone with HD camera and is easy to handle and control.
  • The drone is made of thin plastic but this is what makes it lightweight and the plastic is also durable. While the design of this drone looks like that of the other drones, it does offer protection with the help of the propeller guard for safeguarding the propeller.
  • It also has a 360-degree flip button for doing acrobatics in the air. Overall, it is a good drone for beginners and for people who need a drone with video capability. Though the video is not of superior quality, the photos are cool.

Enjoy the 7 to 10 minutes of flight with an hour of charge.