[QUADCOPTER] Holy Stone HS170 – 2020 Review

The Holy Stone HS170 Quadcopter is a good drone for beginners who want to become a seasoned drone pilot.

  • The Quadcopter is fast, agile and durable which makes a great choice. It is a copter that fits comfortably even in the hands of a child.
  • The drone might look small and fragile but it is not so. Its’ design is windproof and shockproof so that the users get the best experience out of flying this small drone.
  • This drone which is listed in many sites as one of the best introductory drones to learning quadcopter piloting certainly proves the same. It is also a drone that is made of good quality materials with a nominal price tag.
  • The list of items included in the box are a Quadcopter, a 2.4G remote Controller, a 3.7V 350 mAh Lithium ion battery, 4 spare blades, a USB charging cable, a Screw driver and a user manual. The replacement blades are included in the pack that would be of use if a blade is lost or broken during intensive flying.

Though this copter is smaller in size, the entertainment factor is certainly not less. And because of its small size, there is no need to register this copter. What’s more, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying.

Best Features of this [QUADCOPTER] Holy Stone HS170:

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator looks sleek with its blue body and black blade guards. The assembly is made using phillips screws and hence, it is easy to repair and fix it in case of any damage.

It is to be noted that this Quadcopter is designed to be a basic copter and doesn’t have a camera or an advanced remote. But it does everything a copter of this size can do. It even flips and flies in headless mode. Here are some of the best features of the drone.

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Lightweight and Small: The weight of the copter is 14.4 oz which is very light in terms of the copters and the volume of the copter is 5.3*1.6*5.3 inches. This makes it a very light, small copter and easy to handle for indoor and outdoor use.

Headless Security: The Headless security system in this copter makes sure that the Quadcopter is not lost during flying.

2.4GHz Transmitter: The transmitter that comes along with the pack requires 6 AA batteries. The two joysticks present in the transmitter allow the user to control the direction and height of the copter.

There are also few trim buttons in the transmitter – one to switch off LED lights, one to make the drone to flip and rotate. The range of the transmitter is 200 feet. As the transmitter is powerful with 2.4GHz, the flyer can fly the copter at greater heights without any interference.

Six Axis Gyro Stabilization: The Quadcopter has a six-axis Gyro Stabilization system to have a more stable flight. This is particularly useful for an effortless recovery after any sudden moves or stunts in mid-air.

Wind-Resistance:The HS170 is amazing as it is wind-resistant at 30-50m.

Flying Modes: There are basically three modes for flying the Holystone HS170. The focus on the beginner mode more on the controls and less on speed. The beginner mode is suitable for indoor flight and beginners.

Once the beginner mode has been mastered, the advanced mode can be set to build comfort on controls and speed. The advanced mode is fast and more responsive. The third type of mode is the headless mode. In this mode, there is no front or back for the drone. It is just the communication between the transmitter and the drone. The drone just orients itself to the controller.

LED Lights: The copter has red and blue LED lights for a great flying experience even at night. While the red LED light is at the back of the drone, the blue LED lights are on the front of the drone. But this is not of concern during the headless mode of flying.

Landing Feet: The landing feet of this drone is flexible to give a cushioning effect during landing.

Propeller Guards: The propeller guards are curved so that if by accident, the copter dashes on the walls or ceilings, it softens the impact.

Flying Time: The flying time of the drone is approximately 8 minutes. This time is longer than other drones of the same price range. Also, the charging time is 60 minutes which is quite a decent time.

Negative Points

The Holy Stone Quadcopter is certainly the best drones in the same category of small drones. But like any other drones, it has few minor issues.

  • While resetting the gyro stability function, it is a bit of inconvenience. There should be some time spent on learning to calibrate the device.
  • The feet of the drone aresometimes springy and the drone might flip over during landing.
  • The controller looks a little bulky.
  • This is not a copter for people who are on a look out for copters for filming as it does not have a camera included.
  • One needs to be careful while connecting the metal prongs on the wires of the battery to the copter. If pulled too hard, then the wire might get damaged.
  • The battery is wire hanging and might get stuck if not properly handled.

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Advantages Over Competition

The Holy Stone Quadcopter is an ideal drone for both entry level drone fliers and experienced fliers. Here are some reasons why this is the most preferred copters.

  • The LED lights in the front and back of this copter makes it easy to fly at night. Also, the RED lights indicates the back and the BLUE indicates front for easy identification.
  • The screws that are used in assembling is not plastic. While other drones have plastic screws, this drone makes use of the Phillips screws that makes it easy to repair the drone in case of repair or changing parts.
  • Unlike other drones, there is no need to assemble this drone. It is very easy to use. Once the batteries are inserted into the controller and drone, it is ready to use.
  • Most of the drones that are smaller in size do not have the stability in air due to their lightweight. But this drone’s design is made in such a way that it flies steadily in the air.
  • The durability is the most important factor. The motor guard protects the motors from damage and there are no brands that offers this much durability as this one.
  • The speed in the advanced mode is awesome. And the speed can be decreased by changing the mode. This makes it one of the best drones for kids!


A very common problem with all the small drones is their instability in air while flying. Thus, the flying capability will also be severely affected. But the Holystone Quadcopter has eliminated the problem by adding the rotors and frame, which make the copter incredibly steady.

  • The stability of the copter is in par with the drones of bigger size and high price range. The more the stability the more the flyer enjoys the experience!
  • The Holystone Quadcopter is certainly the best drone for all the users with different experience levels. If you are a beginner who want to get used to the various techniques in copter flying or an experienced drone pilot who wants to have fun, this is certainly the one for you.

The sturdy shell, headless option mode, the security features that protect the drone during crashing and all the other features offer a fun-filled experience at a very nominal price. This drone is highly recommended for all the gadget loving people who want to explore the sky with their Quadcopter!