DJI Phantom 3 Professional vs Advanced | Best Comparison 2020

Drone photography is catching up and how! To get the rarest angle and the best view; drone cameras are the best equipment.

Many professions like wildlife photography, aerial photography, military, satellite watching are areas where camera drones are used.

Many professional photographers have started using camera drones to get unique angles which aren’t achievable when shooting manually.

Understanding the pulse of the market, many retailers are putting up drone with camera for sale and they are getting lapped up!

DJI Phantom 3 professional cameras are gaining popularity especially among the elite photo enthusiasts. Here present DJI phantom 3 professional review in an unbiased manner. Hope this helps you assess if it is the best suited drone camera for your needs.

Best features

DJI Phantom 3 Professional cameras have 4k Ultra high definition video recording with fully stabilised 3 axis gimbal. The vision positioning system allows for stable flight indoors. The high definition videos are recorded on internal micro SD card. This happens when the live viewing happens. The live viewing of 720p video is done by the Lightbridge digital streaming technology.

  • This is a completely installed unit. Hence, it is ready to take flight as soon as it is taken out of the box. The flight battery and rechargeable remote controller are included in the package. The DJI Phantom 3 professional camera can fly within a 15 mile radius from the position of the remote control.
  • There is a DJI app which is a beta version for iOS and Android version. This allows for live streaming of images shot. The app also provides for complete control over the camera. There are specific models of smartphones and tablet which will be compatible with this camera drone.

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  • You can fly the camera drone indoors, it includes many optical and ultrasonic sensors which are called vision positions which can assist you to fly the drone indoors with great precision. There is no GPS signal needed for flying camera indoors.
  • There are host of features that are offered as part of the DJI phantom 3 professional drone camera. Auto takeoff, auto landing, high power flight battery, powerful mobile app, safety database to ensure that the drone does not fly in restricted areas.
  • Any new DJI phantom 3 professional firmware update will be available on their website. As a user you will be intimated about the availability. You will have to merely download and install the update into your gadget.
  • Critics’ DJI phantom 3 professional review mentions that this is a very powerful and responsive drone camera which will fly precisely. The setup requires very minimal effort, the DJI phantom 3 professional manual provides all the technical details pertaining to the drone camera. There are 5 inbuilt intelligent flight modes – Home lock, course lock, points of interest, follow me, waypoints.
  • DJI phantom 3 price is very reasonable. For the phenomenal features that it offers, the price seems a good value for money. The drone camera is suitable for beginners and for professionals; however, it may need little bit operating knowledge.

  • There is a specific geofence beginner mode which will enable you to fly the drone within a specified area. The GPS will be enabled in this case, this mode is easy to setup, the quadcopter will fly with the stipulated limits.
  • The remote controller is designed for easy use to capture great aerial visuals. The controller will fit snugly into your hand and the buttons will be easily accessible without causing any shakiness to the shot. Additional buttons have been added to tilt the camera.
  • The auto takeoff and landing features come in handy while using the gadget. Auto landing feature is especially useful if there is loss of GPS signal, the drone would have stored its place of origin locally, it will immediately return to the original place immediately.
  • [PDF]Phantom 3 Professional Manual – DJI Innovations

The DJI Go app is quite powerful; it allows customisation of remote control buttons as per your comfort.

The DJI Phantom 3 professional has 3 visual and ultrasonic sensors built into the system. These sensors are useful when the environments in which it is used do not have the required signal (dense forest, tall buildings, etc). The sensors allow scanning the ground and surroundings which will help identify the position and move accordingly even in the absence of GPS.

Negative points

Although DJI Phantom 3 professional drone camera is an excellent gadget in it’s category. It has it’s set of limitations –

  • There is no carry case given as part of the kit. Although the gadget is light weight, it has parts which are highly sensitive and hence, needs special type of carry case. Many competitor products offer carry case as part of the initial kit. Also, spare battery is not given as part of the kit, most other drone cameras come with 2 batteries.
  • The control screen in DJI phantom 3 is not built into the system; it is based on the app download. The app has to be downloaded on your phone, the live streaming will happen on the phone which complicates the entire experience.
  • The overall look and feel of the gadget is not very impressive, although the performance is very superior. The look of the drone camera is slightly rough and clumsy. The elegance and sophistication does not exist in this model, we live in a world where gadgets have a fancy, leaner look.

This gadget is built for durability, but fails to impress one by its looks alone.

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Advantages over competition

  • Reasonably priced: The best thing about this gadget is that it offers best in class technology, at a very reasonable price. The gadget may not be the best looker in the industry but it has excellent features and performance at a reasonable price. It is a clear value-for-money gadget in this category.
  • Excellent for beginners and professionals: The camera drone is easy to use, it will appeal to all types of enthusiasts – novice and professionals. They come with a geofence beginner flight mode which will help beginners accustom themselves with the gadget.
  • Superior image quality and stability: The 4k camera is an excellent hardware used in Phantom 3 pro. The image quality in both videos and photos is far superior as compared to the best of the competition in the market.
  • Natural control mechanism: The remote control has been redesigned to ensure that it fits into the hand snugly and feels natural when using the buttons. The additional buttons of auto-take off, auto landing, fail safe come in handy when GPS signals are shaky.


This gadget is best suited for professionals and passionate beginners. Anyone who intends to take up drone photography or videography seriously, then this is a great gadget to invest in. It is also reasonably priced. It may not impress you with the look and feel. Performance wise, DJI phantom 3 Pro is regarded superior by critics.

  • The kit is essentially a complete package. The drone is almost plug and play. You may however have to download and install the app to customise the remote controller and view live streaming.
  • There is a geofence mode for operating the gadget indoors or in areas where the GPS signals are weak. The gadget has an inbuilt intelligence to go back to it’s place of origin with click of a button, if GPS signals are lost.

Most users have found the flying experience with this gadget extremely pleasurable and satisfying.