Hubsan X4 H107c+ | Best Drone under 300 Review – 2020

Remote controlled toys always caught the fancy of children and adults, alike.

This technology, however, is not limited to just toys.

  • A development in this technology is the Radio Controlled (RC) helicopters and now, quadcopters, which are quickly gaining popularity.
  • RC quadcopters are devices with four propellers, which can take off vertically and are increasingly used as a reliable drone.
  • With minimal moving mechanisms, these four propellers enable the quadcopter to move forward, backward, left, right, hover and even turn like the regular RC helicopters.
  • With a camera attached, these quadcopters can cover a lot of areas that can’t be physically covered and can save a lot of man power and expenses too.

With this technology gaining popularity at a much accelerated rate, there are a number of these products available in the market, for you to choose from. The Hubsan x4 h107c+ is one such quadcopter you should definitely consider.

Best Features of this awesome Drone (below $300):

The Hubsan X4 Camera Plus H107C+ is one of the highly rated quadcopters in the market today. Some of the attractive features of this RC unit are:

  • Headless

This new age quadcopter is headless, hence can be manoeuvred in any direction. Immaterial of which side is front and which is the back, the quadcopter can be flown in any desired direction.

  • 6 Axis

It has the latest flight control system, which is not only very easy to fly but is to control too. This is because this quadcopter is equipped with 6 axis which offers very good stability to the quadcopter. Even when it gets windy, you can operate this unit with ease, as it has high resistance towards strong winds.

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  • 360o Roll

The quadcopter can roll over a complete 360o, thereby enabling it to capture some of the best scenes, without missing anything important, due to time consuming turns

  • Altitude Hold

This feature enables the Hubsan x4 h170c+ to hover and fly steadily. This ensures the quality of the video recorded or photos clicked are very good. Since the copter remains steady, the videos and photos are not ruined due to shakes.

  • LED Lights

This feature enables you to fly your quad even at nights. The light allows you to keep track of your copter. This ensures you don’t lose sight of your copter and also know where to turn, avoid, etc.

  • HD Camera

This quadcopter comes fully equipped with a HD camera, which is just what you need for clear photos and videos from the air. Since you cannot get close to the subject, a good HD quality will enable you to enlarge the recordings for better clarity.

For photos you get 2 MP clarity and for videos, it is HD 720 P.

  • Compact Size

The Hubsan x4 h107c+ is small made and just perfect to fly around and capture photos and videos, discreetly. It measures 4.3×3.7×1.5 inches (LxWxH) and weighs just 2 ounces. This enables this copter to fly and hover with very good balance.

  • Quick Charging

When you fly this quad, you are bound to get carried away and not realise, the quad is up for a charge. When this happens, you can charge your Hubsan x4 in just 40 minutes and continue having your fun. This is making this model one of the best cheap drones.

  • Distance

This RC quadcopter can be controlled when within a range of 50 meters. Beyond that you will not get the unit to respond well and may just drop.

Negative Points

Though this quadcopter has many attractive features, no product is flawless.

  • Unique Battery

The battery used in this quadcopter is completely different from what is readily available in the market, or the batteries used in other items.

  • No Spare Battery

Battery being unique, there is no spare or an extra battery provided with the package. This limits your use until you can find another battery for backup.

  • Short Battery Life

The battery lasts less than 10 minutes on a full charge. This doesn’t let you fly the quadcopter for long periods of time. By the time you get warmed up, the battery is out of charge.

  • Slow

The RC is not very effective as it takes time for the quadcopter to respond and move according to the operation on the stick. This quadcopter is not made for competitions or for some fun flying. It is slow and is apt for video recording and capturing photos.

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  • Camera Changing Focus

The camera takes time to focus and automatically adjusts the brightness as and when required. Though taking time to focus is a regular feature of any good camera, it proves to be a disadvantage here.

This is because, the camera is always on the move and the point of focus will keep changing. The surrounding will also keep changing. Hence when you see the final video recorded, there will be inconsistency in the brightness and a lot of unfocused footage.

  • No Protectors

The propellers are not protected with any guard. Many other models come with this guard to protect the propellers from damage when the quad takes a fall. When unprotected, propellers get damaged easily and need frequent replacements.

Advantages Over Competition

There are a number of such quadcopters in the market today. Some of the reasons why this particular one is better than its peers are:

  • Durable

This quadcopter can withstand a number of drops. When you are new to operating these RC units, accidents are bound to happen and you will lose control and drop it a few times. Unlike many quads that get damaged, this one keeps going.

  • Small And Convenient

It is small and very convenient to fly for someone who is not well experienced. Since it is not bulky, balancing and controlling it is not very complicated.

  • Pocket Friendly

The RC units are generally very expensive but the Hubsan x4 h107c+ is not very expensive and is rightly priced for beginners and those looking for a hobby. It is fun at a pocket friendly price.

  • Attention To Details

Hubsan has improvised on its earlier models and has paid a lot of attention to even tiny details. This makes this quadcopter a well designed and attractive looking toy. Though used for a hobby or for fun, this unit is designed with care and looks very professional and high end.


RC units come in various shapes and sizes. The quadcopters are an improvement over the helicopters for many obvious reasons. Flying them is much easier and you have more freedom with these units that can be manoeuvred in many directions without losing balance.

  • Anytime you buy such RC units, always try flying it on your own and enquire about the battery backup. RC flying can be fun when you get used to it. Until then you need enough space and a compact sized unit to hone your flying skills.
  • The Hubsan x4 h107c+ is a good quadcopter for those looking for a fun toy or a new hobby. Along with having fun flying a RC unit, you can click some good photos and shoot videos. It is pocket friendly, not complicated and a good way to learn flying RC units.
  • [PDF]the hubsan x4 – RobotShop Download the User Manual

However, this quad is not made for serious flying as the controls are not very effective and the battery backup is poor.