UDI U818a Review – [GREAT] for beginners and kids 2020

Drones are the in thing these days, it’s become a fad to own camera drones to shoot aerial shots and put it up for public viewing.

  • There are numerous products available in the market and all of them seem to have something new on offer.
  • Often the technical aspects (download the PDF user manual) may be confusing for a layman.
  • Hence, it is necessary to look at critical reviews which breakdown the aspects to enable us to understand the nuances.
  • Although the internet is flooded with UDI U818A Reviews, it becomes tough to identify ones which are genuine.

Here, we present UDI U818A Review in an unbiased manner, which will help you assess whether this product suits your requirement.

Best features in this UDI U818A Review:

The camera in UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter uses 2 MP with upgraded 4 GB Micro SD card; this enables the drone camera to take high resolution pictures. Not only this, the pictures and videos taken during flight are stable and of good resolution.

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The stability and strong wind resistance comes with the 6 axis gyro stability feature inbuilt in the camera. This feature also enables manoeuvrability for stunts.

  • The UDI U818A reviews indicate that the package is aesthetically done and it contains all that  you need to get the drone in flight mode immediately. The package includes 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis gyro RTF, 2 sets of LiPo batteries, this increases the flight distance. There is a 2200mAh power bank to charge while you are on the move. The equipment weighs very less, hence making it convenient to use during travels.
  • There is a headless mode which eliminates the need to keep adjusting the aircraft’s position. Only minimal adjustment has to be made before flight and from there on it improves based on learning curve. There is no FAA registration required for this equipment.
  • Critics’ UDI U818A reviews across board suggest that UDI Drone Company is known for quality. UDI U818A parts are of genuine quality and the product is built for durability. There are 2 sets of UDI U818A battery which are part of the initial kit, the battery charging time is quite decent at 120 minutes.
  • There is a power bank provided incase, there is a need to charge the battery while on the go. The full charge flight time is 7 – 9 minutes, with a controlling distance of 30 metres.
  • UDI U818A is delivered to you in almost flight mode. There is no major initial setup requirement needed. The UDI U818A manual is quite terse and explains all the technical aspects very clearly. It gives a good overview about the usage of the product.

The UDI U818A is customisable, there are a host of do-it-yourself UDI U818A mods available on the internet which will help you modify certain aspects. Modifications are often done to make the drone camera fly for lighter, faster and longer range.

Negative points

UDI Drone Company is a name to reckon in this industry and it’s latest UDI U 818A is a great product. There are some negatives attached to this product, here is a quick glance at them –

Battery life – Although the charging of the battery is decent, the life of the battery is short. It seems to die pretty fast. There is a spare battery and powerbank provided as part of the kit. However, amidst a beautiful aerial shot, it is frustrating when the battery dies and you are required to replace it.

The full charge flight time is 7-9 minutes, which is lower than many other drone cameras on offer.

Lacks GPS – This is a major drawback in this model, most competitors have inbuilt GPS system to enable tracking the drone camera when it gets out of sight due to smog, smoke etc., Although there is a button to bring the device back home, the lack of GPS is disappointing.

Issues with motor: many users have found situations where the motor fails. This could be manufacturer error or due to usage. There have been instances reported where motors have completely died or burnt up, this could clearly be a problem at the manufacturer’s end. 

Costly spare parts – The replacement cost of the spares of UDI U818A seems to be very expensive. The UDI U818A parts are of good quality and hence, cost more. The parts has to be sourced from genuine retailers, else, it may not be compatible with the device.

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Advantages over competition

Camera shots: UDI U818A HD camera is the top feature of this product, the flight performance is quite decent. The camera shots have high resolution and stability. The 6 axis gyro sensors ensure that the adjustments are improvised to continue getting better view of the target.

Impressive flight performance: This is a great entry level quadcopter, it’s extremely easy to fly. It offers stability even when the wind is blowing at 10mph. The quadcoptor is lightweight and can perform stunts including the 360° inversion flip.
A higher altitude is a must before you try such stunts and experience operating the model is required. You can use the drone indoors and outdoors as required, thus making it a good device for practice.

Pricing : UDI U818A reviews indicate that this is reasonably priced and within the reach of many rookie drone pilots. It offers many functions which are found in high-end drones. The UDI 818A parts are of high quality, given these aspects it is a real value for money gadget. 

Durability: The product is built for durability; beginners are likely to crash land the device often. Low cost drones could get severely damaged in such scenarios. However, UDI U818A reviews suggest that this product manages to sustain few crash landings alongside strong wind. 

Good remote control: The remote control of this quadcopter is very impressive. It has a nice look and feel compared to some of the competitor’s remote controls which are toy like. It feels natural in an adult sized hand. There is also an LCD monitor with FPV capabilities.


This full udi u818a review gives us a fair idea of the product. This gadget is best suited for beginners and novice drone pilots. It is reasonably priced; hence one need not spend a fortune while still in the learning phase. It is pretty durable and hence, will withstand crash landings which are inevitable in the learning stage.

  • It is an almost ready for flight drone camera, the setup and usage are quite easy. The UDI 818A manual offers technical insight for users who have operating experience. One of the top features of this quadcopter is that camera, the shots taken are of high definition quality, the resolution is superior.
  • The 6 axis gyro sensors ensure that it performs stunts which only high-end drone cameras are capable of. The resilience of the gadget and smoothness in flight remain impressive. The flight time is low compared to most of the other quadcopters in this category.
  • The additional battery is a saviour, since you need not wait for 2 long hours to charge your battery and become flight ready.
  • There are 2 flight modes available, pretty much like all other quadcopters. One is for the beginner and the other for more experienced drone pilots. The second mode is capable of doing stunts such as 360 ° Eversion and 3D flips and rolls.
  • The biggest disappointment is the lack of GPS, the aircraft could lose it’s way and get lost incase it travels over long distance. The quadcopter also does not have landing legs which exposes the gadget to dust and dirt. Thus making it tougher to maintain and clean the equipment but the best drone for kids too!

Overall, it seems like a good product for a beginner and for those who want to own a quadcopter without spending too much!