The Best [CHEAP] Drones | Beginners we have the right one for you 2020

Everyone wants to own a drone these days. If you are one of them, but you do not want to dent your pocket in the bargain, there are many cheap drones available.

  • Drone with camera for sale are all getting lapped up hastily. However, there is a need to exercise caution while you buy a drone.
  • You may want to own one of the cheap drones amazon puts up on sale for a variety of reasons. You may be an aspiring photographer or videographer, land surveyor, wildlife enthusiast or just someone who wants to know what all the fuss is about.

Drones have a lot of technical aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying a drone. If you are a beginner, you need not spend much there are a host of cheap drones from which you can choose the best.

Best 3 Cheap Drones for 2020 and for beginners:

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Hubsan X4 Camera Plus H107C – This is one of the best drones for beginners.

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It is light on your pocket. Many reviewers have categorised this under best drone under 100 with camera. It offers some decent features. We look at the pros and cons of this equipment.

Pros –

  • Intelligent orientation control allows for easier flying, this particularly eliminates the need for a nose, it can fly in any direction irrespective of whether the drone’s end is the front or the back.
  • 6 axis gyro sensory offers great stability and ensures that you get good aerial shots even on flight mode
  • One of key positives is altitude hold which lets the equipment hover above at a decent altitude for longer time until you decide the direction of flight
  • [PDF]the hubsan x4 – RobotShop

Read the full review HERE

Cons –

  • Most cheap drones lack GPS – not having GPS could lead to loss of equipment if flown into area with less visibility
  • Flight mode is just 4 minutes which is much lower than the rest of the cheap drones on offer
  • Lacks wind resistance – getting good resolution shots when there is a strong breeze can be very tough

Syma X5C 2.4G – This is another best drone for beginners and best drone under 100 with camera.

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It may however not fit into the category of cheap drones for gopro, it is particularly designed for first timers with some excellent features.

Pros –

  • 6 axis gyro sensors – This enables stability of flight and avoids capturing shaky images while on flight mode. The camera is high definition and ensures that the aerial shots captured are of superior image quality.
  • Wind resistant – The equipment is wind resistant, hence maintains stability during strong breeze and ensures that you get good quality image despite shakiness. Chances of equipment getting blown away are lower.
  • 360 degree eversion – Has the ability to perform stunts and capture action sequences brilliantly. Only best drone under 200 (basically, high end drone cameras) have this capability.
  • [PDF]RC Quadcopters : Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH

  • Read the full review HERE

Cons –

  • Charging time 100 minutes – This is a big deterrent; the package includes only one battery. If the battery dies, you will have to wait for 100 minutes for a full charge to resume flight. The charging time is much higher than some of the other cheap drones available in the market.
  • No GPS – This one too lacks GPS, however, GPS is enables only among best drones under 500. This feature does not exist among drones which are priced under 100.
  • No altitude control – The equipment lacks altitude control, this may be a big deterrent as it cannot hover for too long at a reasonable height.

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone – Among cheap drones, this offers the best camera resolution.

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If you are buying the drone with a view to capture some excellent still shots, then this could be your dream come true. Despite being excellent on some counters, it fails to impress on others. Here’s an overview of the benefits and drawbacks –

Pros –

  • High definition camera – The camera has a 14 MP fish lens, ideal for still photography. It gives a 1080 p resolution, which is the best on offer in the category of cheap drones.
  • Powerful motor – The motor is powerful, backed by a 2700 mAh battery. They fly higher and give sufficient altitude control
  • Lengthy flight mode – The long flight mode of 20 minutes makes it one of the cheap drones for gopro Sometimes even high end category drones ( best drone under 200 and best drone under 500) do not offer 20 minute long flight mode.

    [PDF]Parrot Bebop User Guide PDF

  • Read the full review HERE

Cons –

  • Light weight and no wind resistance – It is highly portable, but at the same time the equipment could be blown away in case of strong wind
  • No GPS – lack of GPS is universal in this category
  • Video quality poor – The equipment offers great still photography, but lacks depth while shooting videos. Many drone cameras are expected to shoot continuous aerial shots with dynamic range and high sampling. This equipment falls short here.

Conclusion –

All the three equipment’s serve different purposes, they are best suited for beginners. These might not be good enough for professionals. Depending on your intent to own a drone, you could choose the one that suits you best.