Eachine Racer 250 Review | Best camera drones – 2020

Camera drones are becoming incredibly popular, many people have taken it up as a hobby to use camera drones and capture rare shots.

Camera drones are used for military, wildlife journalism and other such professions where in capturing images is important and at the same time dangerous.

The drone universe is expanding very fast. The popularity of drone racing is increasing rapidly. There are many hobby grade drones available. Camera drones involve high technical specifications.

You need to have a good understanding of these technicalities to choose the right model. Further, you need to know how to setup the model to make it flight ready.

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter has left many people with a very positive impression. First time flyers found the experience extremely pleasurable. Here we present the Eachine Racer 250 review.

Best Features – Eachine Racer 250 Review

The Eachine Racer 250 setup is very simple; in fact it is almost like a preassembled drone camera.

  • The camera has 1000TVL and supports HD night vision which means that you can shoot images at night with ample clarity.
  • The camera angle is adjustable.
  • The flight controller CC3D comes with a flexi port and main port.
  • There is an Eachine I6 2.4G transmitter included with the kit. The eachine racer 250 manual provides ample insight into technical aspects of the camera.
  • The flight time specified for this drone camera is 10-14 mins.

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For any camera, the monitor is a critical aspect. The Eachine racer 250 drone camera comes with 7 inch 5.8G 32CH Monitor. The screen type is TFT LCD screen which offers longevity. LED backlight is provided for adjustment of brightness as required.

It offers superior resolution with 800 * 480, the default brightness is at 500cd/m2. The visual angle is 140 / 120 degree (level / vertical), the battery power is specified at DC12V 3S LIPO.The motor is quite powerful – 2 x CW 2204 2300KV motor offers good pickup and steady flight. eachine racer 250 parts are of high quality and are genuine.

  • Although Eachine racer 250 review claims that it is a plug and play model, there is some amount of Eachine racer 250 setup effort required. There is a need to attach the receiver and the radio to get it flight ready.
  • Also, a software program called open pilot ground station control needs to be downloaded and installed. This will enable you to configure the drone camera as per your preference. This entire exercise becomes quite easy due to the excellent setup wizard that assists you.
  • One of the most impressive features of Eachine racer 250 is its complete package. The kit comes with all that is necessary to get into flight mode almost immediately. Like all other electronic goods which are first charged completely before use, this camera drone should also be charged completely.
  • The package contains every item required to get your drone flying except a receiver and radio. These two items have to be bought separately and installed. Eachine plans to offer these as part of their package in their future versions, but for this one you need to get your own receiver and radio.
  • The kit contains a video transmitter which also has an on screen display. There is a circular polarized cloverleaf antenna for better reception. The on screen display offers all the relevant data that you may need your flight time, battery power, selected video channel.

The kit also contains the battery and a charger, a cable for turning on / off the headlights from your radio, a radio neck strap and a pair of complete sets of props. The kit also contains a charger adapter for European electric outlets.

Negative points

Although the product impresses on multiple counts, there are some downsides as well.

  • In some of the models, the kit does not contain a radio and receiver which are integral for the drone camera, you may have to buy one which is compatible
  • The software download and installation which are essential for configuration of Eachine Racer 250 can be a reasonably lengthy process
  • Eachine racer 250 comes with a complete kit, but the packaging is quite clumsy. It could have been better to ensure that the products inside remain safe during shipping
  • Eachine racer 250 RTF comes with 2 batteries while Eachine racer 250 FPV comes with only 1 battery, both these models require reasonable time to charge the batteries

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Advantages over competition

Most eachine racer 250 reviews claim that the product is superior to that of its competitors. These are the key areas where eachine racer 250 scores over the rest –

  • Easy eachine racer 250 setup – It is an almost ready to fly camera drone, unlike others where there is cumbersome procedure to install and setup the instrument to make it flight ready
  • detailed english-manual– The manual is easy to understand and provides a lot of technical details, it has clear instructions for a novice user to fly the drone immediately
  • Easily repairable – eachine racer 250 is easily repairable. It can be disassembled and reassembled for upgrades. It uses eachine OEM parts or hobby grade hardware which is reasonably price and available with many retailers or can be purchased online as well.
  • Reasonably pricing – Clearly, this is a pioneer in reasonable priced camera drone. Understanding the pulse of the growing drone market, eachine has brought out this product. The gadget offers great features, uses good quality parts (non-patented) at a very reasonable price. Many youth can afford this product and pursue their hobby of using drone camera.


Eachine racer 250 is a high quality hobby grade camera drone which offers excellent features for the price it is available. This camera drone is a very successful entry into the affordable category.

The product claims that it is suitable for people above 12 years of age. However, many critics’eachine racer 250 review indicates that it is suitable for people above the age of 14 years’. Those with experience to operate the model may find this an ideal addition to their kitty.

  • Typically camera drones do not fly under extreme weather conditions such as stormy, snowy, rainy or foggy weather. Hence, it is best to use it on a nice summery day; it however, has night vision ability. The night vision is enabled with high definition, hence the images captured allow for superior quality.
  • There are a few other things that you need to keep in mind while flying your eachine racer 250 drone camera. You need to select an open space with no high-voltage lines, towers to ensure that there are no interference with the eachine racer 250transmitters and radio. Eachine racer 250 has high quality rotating component which should not be tampered with.
  • The product is best suited for drone enthusiasts; it is a good equipment to start-off your passion towards taking shots with drone camera. It is easy to use, almost a plug and play set, the eachine racer 250 manual gives good insight on the technical aspects of this gadget.

It is a repairable version which uses eachine OEM parts or hobby grade hardware which is easily available. These eachine races 250 parts are non-patented. You can either buy this from the local store or from an online store.  The assembly of the gadget is simple, hence with little knowledge you can easily disassemble and reassemble for upgrading the drone camera.