Drone DJI Phantom 4 Review | Pros and Cons – 2020

Here is the dji phantom 4 review that you have been waiting for all this time; accurate and to the point.

In the way the drone world is advancing it comes as no surprise that drones have taken not just the military and law enforcement offices by storm, but even the common man is not able to stay away from them.

DJI is a leader in the word of drones and has left its competitors way behind.

It has been a decade and the company is still the leader especially in drones that can be used in photography, cinematography and other such industries.

The “Phantom” is a flagship series of the company where all the UAVs perform exactly as they have been designed to do.

Why DJI Phantom 4 is is an endearing beast?

According to the DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO GPS QUADCOPTER review this model is an upgraded version of the dji phantom 3. To begin with, when you compare dji phantom 4 vs 3, you will be glad that the manufacturers have gotten rid of the plastic body of phantom 3 and have interchanged it with a magnesium alloy body with a sleek glossy white finish.

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Do not think that the dji phantom 4 price of around $1300 is huge because its Obstacle Sensing System (OSS) makes it worth it.

The OSS is a specific upgrade over the previous versions because now you don’t have to fear your drone crashing into buildings and other obstacles. It is smart enough to calculate the distance using its three eyes (cameras) and react accordingly by either stopping or slowing down. Another feature in its favor is that it can also be connected to GPS.

It is lighter, swifter and more flexible than ever before.  DJI Phantom 4 video is better and of higher quality because the camera is capable of shooting videos at the rate of 30 frames per second. The superior lens in fact makes even higher resolution videos at 120 frames per second possible.

The sports mode is a nice touch in this device according to the dji phantom 4 review as it helps the user maneuver the drone at a maximum speed of 45 mph effortlessly.

Once you start flying the phantom 4 you don’t want to stop right and that is why you will appreciate the fact that the battery lasts 28 minutes and the drone is capable of covering a distance of 5 km.  This beast is so user friendly that just about anyone can fly them by just clicking on a button.

DJI Phantom 4 Review – A few beastly and unfriendly features to take note of:

There is no doubt that the phantom 4 is the best selling drone in the market today. According to dji phantom 4 reviews, there are a few features that haven’t gone down very well with the users.

If you are a novice you won’t like setting up your phantom 4 because there are few basic guidelines missing in the user guide and the set up time can be frustratingly long keeping you away from flying your toy for some more time.

When compared to phantom 3 price the phantom 4 is more expensive and the hike has not gone down well with the drone fans. In addition to that several dji phantom 4 reviews also state that all is not well with the crash proof claims made by the manufacturers especially when confronted by trees.

The drone is unable to recognize leafless branches specifically those which are wide spread thereby malfunctioning there. The extra battery is expensive and can cost around $169.

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Why should you consider the DJI Phantom 4 and no other drone?

When you invest in a drone with the caliber of the phantom 4 you most certainly will not be ready to compromise for anything but the best. According to many DJI Phantom 4 reviews you won’t be disappointed either with the quality of videos which are digitally sharper than the other drones in the market or its lightweight feature. That’s not all; there are several third party accessories available for dji phantom when compared to the others.

[PDF]Download Phantom 4 User Manual

Parting words

There was a lot of hue and cry with regards to the dji phantom 4 release date and dji phantom 4 rumors abound on all the sites before finally it went on sale on 15 March 2016. The fans were not disappointed with this upgraded, swifter and sleeker looking drone that has a longer battery life and a better flight time than any other drone in the market.

So, irrespective of your status, a beginner or a pro in the drone world, according to the dji phantom 4 review the phantom 4 is one of the most sought after, smartest and sleekest drones in town.

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